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Harare South MP warns land barons

By Nokuthaba Nkomo

Harare South MP Tongai Mnangagwa (centre) seen here with Zanu PF supporters
Harare South MP Tongai Mnangagwa (centre) seen here with Zanu PF supporters

“We are going to make sure that all the land barons who were deceiving residents are arrested because they are causing havoc in this area.

“We want to maintain order and people must get their title deeds as soon as possible,” he said at a rally in his constituency last week.

The MP said there are purged Zanu PF officials who are still in the habit of illegally selling land to innocent civilians, but said the long arm of the law will soon catch up with them.

“We have some former Zanu PF members who are still parcelling out land illegally.

“All those people are going to be arrested and as your MP, I want to make sure that this issue is justly dealt with,” a tough-talking Mnangagwa said.

“No one is going to demolish your houses because we are in the process of giving you title deeds.”

This comes after government has set a commission of Inquiry into the sale of State land, following appalling land audit results.

The commission is targeted at people who bought State land handed over for urban development and those involved in double and multiple allocations.

It’s also targeting individuals and companies allocated stands on spaces meant for the building of schools, clinics, roads, recreation sites, among others who might have been “prejudiced or displaced in any way by the re-allocation, re-surveying and or re-pegging of stands”. Daily News.