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Superdad cop back at maintenance court

By Lisa Mangena

A newly married police officer, who has four children with different women, has appeared at the Maintenance Court for the third time over a different case.

Albert Nyika applied for a variation on the $80 he was contributing towards his minor child with Ms Zanele Dube.

Bulawayo magistrate Mr Usheunesu Matova granted him a variation from $80 to $70 as he told the court that he was recently blessed with twins. Nyika once applied in June for a downward variation for the upkeep of his child and it was not granted.

“I have been blessed with twins and they both need to be taken care of. My wish is for the court to reduce the amount l’m contributing so I can afford to take care of all my children,” he said.

The court heard Nyika was also paying spousal maintenance.

He offered anything less than $80 claiming he does not afford that much for one child when he contributes the same amount for two children with his estranged wife.

Albert Nyika has four other children with different mothers. The court heard Nyika has appeared in court for arrears for all of his children. The Chronicle.