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Mbo Mahocs brings Eveline High to a standstill

By Bongani Ndlovu

Television personality Mbo Mahocs was brought to tears when she made an emotional return to her former school, Eveline High in Bulawayo and wide-eyed pupils cheered her and scrambled to take pictures with her.

Mbo Mahocs selfie moment with Eveline Girls High School pupils

Mbo, who plays Chichi on the South African soapie Scandal!, is in the city to visit family and will be attending the Skyz Metro FM Umcimbi Wabantu tonight.

The actress, who is slowly carving a name for herself in South Africa and has certainly shot to stardom locally, had initially visited the school last Friday for a chat with the drama and theatre club there as she wanted to hold a workshop for them. These plans ended up being changed as all the students wanted a bit of her.

The headmistress and teachers at the school, upon witnessing the chaos and excitement Mbo had created as the students were screaming uncontrollably, decided to have her address the whole school.

In a video that she shared, Mbo is shown being mobbed by students and at a loss for words. The students are seen screaming and waving at her, jostling to be close to the personality to get autographs.

Mbo said she could not hold back tears and cried because of the reception she received.

“I’ve never felt so overwhelmed. I didn’t know whether to remain standing, turn back or continue walking. I’d prepared to meet a small group of students from the drama club but upon my arrival, the kids screamed in excitement.

“Some rushed out of their classrooms to hug me. It was chaotic. The teachers then decided that I address the whole school as it’d motivate and inspire them,” said Mbo Mahocs.

She said visiting her former school brought back fond memories of her experiences there over 10 years ago.

“When we stepped into the headmistress’ office, it kind of reminded me of the time when we were elected as school prefects when I was doing A Level. Also, the advice we were given to be responsible and all.

“Seeing my old teachers took me back to remembering the nicknames we gave them.”

After meeting the drama club, Mbo said she would work closely with them assisted by award-winning teacher Thabani Moyo as a way to pursue one of her passions of empowering the girl child.

“As I’m passionate about empowering the girl child, I intend to work more with the youth in that regard.” The Chronicle.