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Bread price to go up again

By Tendayi Madhomu

The price of bread is set to increase for the second time within a month owing to exorbitant production costs, the National Bakers Association of Zimbabwe (NBAZ) has revealed.

Baker’s Inn workers package bread at their Bulawayo plant in Belmont.

NBAZ president Ngoni Mazango told the Daily News that his association is engaging with stakeholders to deliberate on pricing.

“Yes the price of bread is likely to increase, because of cost pressures we are facing. But we are still engaging with stakeholders,” he said.

Earlier this month the price of bread went up by 10 percent due to an increase in the cost of wheat.

Figures obtained from the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe indicated that the price of wheat had increased by about 10 percent from $375 per metric tonne to $415. DailyNews