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Gym-mania: Celebs in fitness craze

By Blessings Mashaya

A number of celebrities, among them artistes have gone on a fitness drive, with many of them showing off their journey on social media.Socialite and businessman Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure has shared pictures of his workouts on Instagram.

Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure in the gym
Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure in the gym

Though some people have mocked him, urging him to work on his lower body, he is not deterred.

Former Big Brother UK housemate and television personality Makosi Musambasi is also active on social media showcasing her fitness journey, posting different routines and encouraging healthy eating.

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She has had a battle with cancer which she survived and she is now on record leading a healthy lifestyle as shown by videos and images she shares on Instagram.

A number of musicians among them Freeman, EXQ, Peter “Young Igwe” Moyo, Baba Harare, Dereck Mpofu, Takura and several others have also joined the fitness race.

This has seen the singers building muscles and “six packs” which have made them ladies’ favourites each time they perform and take their shirts off on stage.

Hip hop and RnB singers mainly take their shirts off on stage with names such as Stunner, Trevor Dongo coming to mind while the likes of Buffalo Souljah represent dancehall.

Musicians such as Freeman, Young Igwe, Cello Culture, King Shaddy and Jay C among others are also common in other physical fitness activities such as social soccer.

Baba Harare and Mpofu are common at Warren Park D’s Scorpion Gym which is run by fitness administrator Tofara Moyo, a founding member of the Muscle Mania Zimbabwe.
Actors such as Admire Kuzhangara, better known as Bhutisi, have shared also shared their fitness journey.

Self-styled prophets are also a feature in this fitness craze with Uebert Angel and controversial Paul Sanyangore getting into the gym.

Musicians who spoke to the Daily News said the idea is to be always in shape and maintain physical fitness.
Sungura musician Peter Moyo said; “We spend more hours on stage and carrying a guitar and that needs one to be physically fit.

“The dancing and various antics on stage need one to be fit and this is why I go to the gym.”

“Our trade is not to show off the six-pack because, for example me, I will be in a suit and the muscles are not visible but I just have to be fit,” added Young Igwe.

Baba Harare echoed similar sentiments, adding that better physical shape aids in video production.

“Physical fitness is important in our line of work. We are talking of four hours on stage, dancing with a guitar and you need all the physical strength,” he said. Daily News.