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Married women are jealous of me – Bev

Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda on stage
Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda on stage 

Bev said men form the biggest chunk of her following in the country which makes their women uncomfortable.

The Sexy Angels boss said women should not be worried as she is only doing her work.

She said the case is different in South Africa, with women contributing large numbers among her fans.

“Men are more of my fans here and this makes women jealous. They think I’m after their men but that is not the case. This is just work and after that I go home.

“In South Africa, women follow my shows more which makes it different from the case here,” she said.

Bev said as much as other women hate her line of trade, she is happy that others now appreciate her.

“There have been some positives on the local market. Some women now appreciate and love my work and have also started following my shows.

This means that they are seeing that it is just work and nothing more.

This is how I pay my bills,” she said.

Bev is popular with her antics and racy clothing on stage that leave many drooling and some slut shaming her.

The Sexy Angels boss is in the country after a stint in neighbouring South Africa. She has lined up a series of shows locally for her followers.

“I will be going back to South Africa but for now, I have to fulfil the booked shows. When I return to South Africa, I think I will come back home in December or January only depending on my contracts there.

So far so good, things have been great there and the working conditions favourable,” she said.  Daily News.