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Zimra official up for raping niece

David Kachembere, 62, appeared before Harare magistrate Rumbidzayi Mugwagwa.

He was remanded in custody and advised to apply for bail at the High Court because he faces a third schedule offence.

Kachembere will be back in court on October 4 pending finalisation of investigations into the matter.

Prosecutor Ropafadzo Bosch alleged that sometime in July, around midnight, the juvenile was sleeping in her bedroom and Kachembere was alone since his wife had gone to a funeral. The court heard that the complainant reportedly began experiencing nightmares and ran to Kachembere’s room and told him that she had had visions of her friends trying to burn her.

Kachembere allegedly suggested that the minor sleeps on the floor in his room and she went to collect her blankets.

When the child fell asleep, Kachembere allegedly moved from his bed and sneaked into her blankets before removing the girl’s underwear.

It was alleged that Kachembere carefully penetrated the minor, avoiding detection but the girl woke up during the sexual assault experiencing excruciating pain.

She reportedly asked her uncle what he was doing and he jumped back to his bed and threatened to chase the victim from his residence if she disclosed the abuse to anyone.

The court heard that Kachembere told the minor that she would shoulder the blame if he separated with his wife.

The girl kept the issue to herself until September 11 when her aunt suspected that she was sexually active. She was allegedly confronted about the issue and maintained that she had never had sex with anyone until her aunt threatened to take her for medical examinations.

That was when she revealed that Kachembere had raped her.

The matter was reported to the police and a medical examination was carried out on the minor.

Kachembere was subsequently arrested. Daily News.