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Mahomed Mussa dismisses ‘closing down’ reports

Leading wholesaler Mahomed Mussa has dismissed reports that it is closing down due to rising black market rates as untrue and unfounded. In a statement, the wholesaler said the statements and photoshopped images of empty shelves being circulated on social media were being posted by mischievous individuals bent on tarnishing its image.

Mahomed Mussa Wholesalers
Mahomed Mussa Wholesalers

“We are a law-abiding entity that strives to play its part in the growth of Zimbabwe and has never shied away from conducting business even in the most adverse of environments.

“It is, therefore, prudent that we reassure the nation, the Government and all our valued stakeholders that we remain open for business as usual.

“We will not be deterred nor be intimidated by malicious, uncouth and frivolous falsehoods that are being peddled by some cowards who choose to hide behind faceless and nameless social media posts and whose only selfish agenda is to try and tarnish our image and cause despondency among our customers and peace-loving Zimbabweans,” it said.

The wholesaler said in some instances, there were stock-outs in some shelves due to delays in the delivery of goods from suppliers because of foreign currency shortages.

“It must also be noted that in view of the foreign currency challenges being experienced across the board in the country, some suppliers have been erratic with deliveries of orders, some have taken too long to deliver on orders, while some orders have come in smaller quantities than would have been ordered.

“This has meant that in some instances we will always have shortfalls of stocks from time to time, while in some products we have greater demand than others and will immediately be bought by customers as soon as they are put on the shelves.

“Mahomed Mussa Wholesale will, however, strive to continue servicing the supply and demand market to the best of our abilities and ensure our customers enjoy cash and carry at its best with good prices,” it said. The Herald.