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Socialite ‘Baxo’ nabbed for cocaine

By Lisa Mangena

A 37 year old man from Bulawayo has been arrested for allegedly possessing five grammes of cocaine with a street value of about $400.

Baxolile Dube
Baxolile Dube

Baxolile Dube popularly known as Baxo (pronounced Buckso) — a city socialite from Njube suburb —was arrested by detectives at his home on Tuesday following a tip-off.

Police raided his home and allegedly found the dangerous drug stashed in a wardrobe in his bedroom.

Dube yesterday appeared before Western Commonage Magistrate Mr Lungile Ncube and pleaded guilty to charges of possessing cocaine.

He was remanded out of custody to October 2 for further investigations.

Dube told the court that he got the drug in sachets from a friend based in South Africa who had visited the country this year.

“Sometime this year, I asked for some money from my friend (name not provided) and he told me he would give me cash since he was coming for a holiday,” he said.

“After he arrived in Zimbabwe, we met in the Central Business District and he gave me the drugs. He told me it was Khat and I should try selling it to get the money l needed.

“I honestly thought it was Khat because he was smoking the drug with some of his friends”.

Khat is relatively rare in Zimbabwe but is common in East Africa.

The drug – also called “poor man’s coke” – looks like dried vegetables (umfushwa) and is generally perceived to be less dangerous than cocaine.

The court heard that Dube sold some of the cocaine to teenagers around his suburb.

Prosecuting, Mr Nathan Marime told the court police officers got information from a tip-off and proceeded to Dube’s home. “The police searched the house and found five small sachets of the drugs in his wardrobe,” he said.

“Dube was apprehended on Tuesday and the drug test showed it was cocaine”.

Cocaine, also known as coke, is a potent stimulant used mainly as a recreational drug. It may be smoked, snorted or injected into the bloodstream.

It causes mental effects that makes the user lose touch with reality, gives them a false feeling of extreme euphoria or agitation.

An overdose may be fatal while prolonged use causes severe addiction. The Chronicle