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Where’s my daddy

By Raymond Jaravaza

Show me my daddy! A 24-year-old man is up in arms with former Highlanders and Bulawayo City coach Amini Soma Phiri accusing him of refusing to tell him the whereabouts of his biological father.

Amini Soma Phiri

Talent Ncube, originally from Bulawayo but now based in South Africa, claims Phiri and his biological father Tobias Nyoni are related and are in constant touch.

Ncube says he has never met his father as his parents separated when he was a toddler.

Talent Ncube

“I learnt through my mother that my father and Phiri are related so it was easy for me to trace him (Phiri) since he is famous. When I first talked to Phiri he said my father is a mechanic in Botswana but has not been feeling well for some time.

I kindly asked him to tell me exactly where my father stays in Botswana but he started ignoring me.

“I sent him a message last month but he hasn’t replied and continues to ignore my calls. All I’m asking for are just the details where I can find my father,” Ncube narrated his ordeal from South Africa.

Ncube said if there were alternative means to trace his biological father he would explore them and leave Phiri in peace.

“Even my mother has no idea where my father lives in Botswana so Phiri is my only hope but I don’t understand why he won’t give me the details,” he said.

When contacted for comment Phiri said: “This is a family matter, he should look for his own father and leave me out of it. I don’t even know why he is talking to you guys (B-Metro) about this. I didn’t respond to his message last month because I do not know anything”.

Quizzed if he is related to Ncube’s biological father and if they were in constant touch he said: “I won’t say anything. I do not know anything”. B-Metro.