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Machete-wielding gang robs family of TV set, $5k

By Kudzai Chikiwa

SIX machete-wielding men raided a house in Mpopoma suburb of Bulawayo and robbed two families of $5 000 and a 42-inch Samsung television set valued at R 8 000, police confirmed yesterday.

File picture of a man holding his machete
A man holding his machete

The assailants allegedly raided the families, who are tenants at the house, and robbed Mr Luckmore Moyo of $3 200 bond notes and Mr Maxwell Mumera of US$ 1 500 plus $53 bond notes before making off with the television set. The incident happened on Tuesday night.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Chief Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the incident and said investigations were in progress.

“We are investigating a case of robbery which occurred last night in Mpopoma where six men armed with machetes are alleged to have raided a family before stealing $3 253 bond notes, $USD 1 500 and a 42 inch Samsung television set valued at R8 000. The scene was attended by the police and no arrest was made and nothing was recovered,’’ she said.

Sources told The Chronicle that the suspects scaled over a precast wall into the yard before chopping the kitchen door with machetes to gain entry into the house.

As they gained entry into the house, the suspects were reportedly accosted by Mr Moyo’s co-tenant, Mr Mumera, who had been awoken by noises of the intruders.

The sources said the robbers, who were targeting Mr Moyo, mistook Mr Mumera for their target, overpowered and strangled him with a neck tie demanding that he hands over a blue satchel containing the bond notes.

“They had full details of the house but they mistook Mr Mumera for Mr Moyo that is why they first forced Mr Mumera to lie down and tied him with a neck tie demanding money brought by a car. When he told them he doesn’t own a car, they proceeded to attack Moyo,’’ said a source.

He said the suspects then left Mr Mumera and proceeded to chop Mr Moyo’s bedroom door. Upon gaining entry, Mr Moyo, fearing for his life and that of his family, immediately handed over the satchel containing the money.

“I suspect these people kept a close eye on Mr Moyo and knew he had some money because the first thing they demanded was a blue satchel where he kept money. They may have seen a car that brought the money and plotted to rob him,” said the source. The Chronicle.