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Peter Moyo finds his real calling . . . could he be the new Mukadota?

By Nigel Pfunde

It’s been seven years since youthful musician Peter “Young Igwe” Moyo took over the stewardship of his late father Tongai’s band, Utakataka Express. It was such a Herculean task and tall order that faced the short musician, and it has hardly been an express . . .

Peter “Young Igwe” Moyo
Peter “Young Igwe” Moyo

His father Tongai had left a decorated music legacy and Peter stepping into his shoes was like trying to wear Godzilla’s shoes. The shoes were too big for him, even on his own admission!

Instead he adopted a new rhetoric; “I am my own man, don’t compare me to my father”, he declared.

True, he cannot be compared to the late great Tongai Dewa Moyo musically. Tongai is Michael Jackson, Peter is Tito Jackson. Two ends of the spectrum! Of course they have the same facial features, sport the same hairstyle; same smile but definitely different and discordant vocal cords.

Peter indeed made a spirited attempt to imitate his father but his efforts ended up disastrous and had he continued trying to be like his father he was going to end up looking like a meme.

And a cheap meme at that!

After adopting his own style and implementing his “Don’t compare me to my father” mantra, Peter, now known as Sungurabae, successfully launched two albums; “Mushonga Mukuru” and “Mabasa aMwari”.

The albums were fairly good but still failed to propel the Sungurabae to the expected stardom in the musical territory. He has worked hard, tried every trick in the book, even wrote new books of tricks, but in far as music is concerned the Young Igwe has remained mediocre! Pedestrian even!

But to be fair, it’s quite an achievement for someone who came straight from the football pitch into the music studio!

Yes, he has managed to remain relevant through controversy over women, family squabbles (sibling rivalry) and of course being the late great Tongai Moyo’s son will remain his claim to fame even if his music career flops. He lives in a shadow.

However, lately it appears the Young Igwe might have found his true calling. Comedy! He is truly a funny guy. And we are not talking about his looks as a short fellah!

He has been posting amateur comic skits on social media in which he stars alongside another musician, Baba Harare, who used to be a member of “man of the moment” Jah Prayzah’s Third Generation band.

At this rate, he can easily become the new Mukadota (Safirio Madzikatire) who used to blissfully marry comedy and music. Interestingly, his own son Elijah (Bhero Mukadota) flopped — it’s not foolish if he tries a hand in Utakataka music!

The duo’s (Peter and Baba Harare) apparent diversification into comedy has been received with an overwhelming response.

Given that they are trending now, Young Igwe must grab the opportunity and actually write scripts and turn into professional production of comic skits. He will then combine his new found calling with music and the blending might do the trick and take him to “Canaan”.

However, the new venture has also found its critics on the hard to please republic of websphere.

One fan, Terrence Makumbi, registered his displeasure of Young Igwe’s new “gig” on microblogging site Facebook ad Peter responded with his usual mantra. “Peter are yu comedian Tongai never done dis (sic)” wrote Makumbi.

Peter responded: “Tongai lived his life and ndakuitiraramowo yangu zvangu semwana wake” which can be loosely translated to “don’t compare me with Tongai because he lived his life and I live mine.”

Popular musicians who have turned into comedians include the late Marko Sibanda, Kireni Zulu and internationally we have Jamie Fox, Eddie Murphy, Chris Tucker and Prince amongst others.

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