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Businessman’s 12 children knifed in revenge war

By Danisa Masuku

In a suspected revenge mission, five unknown people invaded an alleged rogue businessman’s home in Lower Gweru and cut all his 12 children all over the body with knives. The unfortunate children are aged between three and 15.

File picture of a knife
File picture of a knife

According to a community member, Robert Moyo, last week on Monday at around 7pm five unknown people — four men and a woman invaded Trevor Nkashe’s home and demanded to see him saying he owed them a lot of money. Sadly he was not at home.

The unknown people decided to vent their anger on Nkashe’s children.

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“It was a sad scenario. We strongly suspect people he duped decided to revenge because his 15-year-old child said they asked to see her father but soon after telling them that he was not around they told them that all of them would suffer for ubutsotsi bukayise (their father’s crookedness),” said Moyo.

Moyo went on to say: “They ordered all the children to strip and they cut them all over the body with knives. Some suffered severe cuts on the body.”

The following day children were taken to the clinic by community members. The case was reported to the police.

Moyo said Nkashe came the following night, took his children and left.

“We woke up to find the homestead where he was staying a deserted place while doors were wide open. He took his children and all his belongings during the night and left,” said Moyo.

The businessman faces allegations of duping people of their possessions that range from cattle to cars. He allegedly did not pay rent at his lodgings at Maboleni Township. It is reported the aggrieved people tried in vain to recover their property.

Village head Abednico Badlundu said before the incident Chief Sogwala ordered that he be expelled from the community.

“He was a crook and would steal cattle and sell them to people who run butcheries and would not pay rent where he rented shops. Following those reports Chief Sogwala dispatched 15 village heads to evict him, unfortunately he was not there. Everyone in the community suspects angry people he duped revenged by cutting his children,” he said.  B-Metro