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Mai Titi BLASTED over grenade skit

Controversial comedienne Mai Titi is under fire after releasing a skit that appeared to make fun of the grenade attack on President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Saturday.

Comedian Mai Titi
Comedian Mai Titi

A day after two security officers died from the bombing, Mai Titi appeared in a 32-second skit on her typical phone-call soliloquies trying to order a grenade from whoever was at the other end of the line.

The full transcription of the skit went,


“Yes mamuka sei?

“KumaGreenade here?

“Ok haaaa ndiMai titi Ndanga ndichida kubvunza kuti magrenade akutengeswa kupi?

“Ndanga ndichida kuorder rangu grenade pane munhu wandikuda kukandira kunoku.

“Ah ok, ah ndafunga kuti pane kwaanowanikwa hoo hamusikuziva kuti arikutombowanikwawo kupi?

“Ah, ok thanks. Ok bye bye.”

The outspoken comedienne released this video despite the death of the two officers from injuries sustained in the blast.

Forty seven other people who include Vice President Kembo Mohadi, Zanu PF National Chair, CDE Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri and Second Lady Mrs Marry Chiwenga.

Mai Titi later released another video on Facebook presumably to counter the skit but the first video had already gone viral especially on WhatsApp and it is still circulating with many people castigating her for playing with an issue that is too serious to joke about.

In the Facebook post, the “for the why” comedienne seemed to contradict her earlier post saying Zimbabwe is one of the most peaceful countries in the world and ironically blasting herself saying, “Yes we are comediennes, yes we joke BUT . . . for whatever reason . . . let us not spill blood.”

“Killing each other will not solve anything! . . . We are one family, we are one nation, we are one blood.

“I know you might hate somebody . . . but killing (them) is one of the most evil things that you (can) ever do. . . We are humans, we are not chickens, we are not animals. We don’t want terrorism, we don’t want war. I personally never experienced war and I don’t want to witness it now.

“We want a free election, we want a fair election.
“Whoever is going to win, whoever is going to rule Zimbabwe, let them rule in peace,” she said, getting over a hundred likes and dozens of positive comments. H Metro