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Star-Brite winner Seagirl returns to music

By Bongani Ndlovu

Star-Brite 2016 winner Seagirl Novuyo Dube who had to take a break from music after winning the talent search competition has made a comeback by releasing a house track – AEIOU that is topping charts on local radio stations.

Seagirl Novuyo Dube

The musician is also studying towards a higher diploma in music production at the College of Creative Arts Africa where she met music producer, Lance Hebron, the man behind Welsh the Stylist’s single track Ngiyakukhumbula. Hebron worked with Seagirl on her latest house track.

The bubbly Seagirl said she is learning a lot from college and believes she is on the right path.

“I think I’ve taken the right path by equipping myself for my music career. I want to learn about the business of music, how to play instruments and all that’s involved in music,” she said.

Meeting Lebron, Seagirl said, was a blessing as he gave her the drive to record the track.

Ever since the track was released two months ago, people have been singing along and sharing videos of themselves while at it.

Seagirl said she loved the beat and was happy that people have embraced the track.

“Nothing is as good as hearing good feedback about something you’ve done. I thank God everyday for making me come up with such a good song and I pray he gives me more ideas and creativity.”

She said the song was a precursor for her upcoming album.

For the past two years, Seagirl has been taking care of her son, something she said has kept her quite busy. But in-between, she found time to participate in the Dream Star talent search competition last year.

“I’m going to China as part of the 20 Dream-Star finalists who’ll be representing Zimbabwe. We are already preparing for our trip next month,” said Seagirl. The Chronicle