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Cal_Vin lifestyle, an Achilles’ heel

By Langalakhe Mabena

Pride goes before a man’s downfall!

This can be said about renowned self-crowned hip-hop king Cal_Vin, real name Mgcini Nhliziyo, as the rapper has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons painting him as a bad boy and casting a shadow on his musical career.

Hip-hop singer Cal_Vin from Bulawayo
Hip-hop singer Cal_Vin from Bulawayo

The awful behaviour of the Luveve-bred rapper, especially on his private life, seems to have destroyed him as a brand to reckon with when it comes to Zimbabwean hip-hop, as scandal after scandal and foolish pride have caused the rapper to lose relevance in Bulawayo.

Last year, when the rapper became a father to King Calvin junior, most people rejoiced in the good news of the gift, a baby. However, in the process of rejoicing Cal_Vin left a question unanswered, who the mother of the bouncing baby boy was.

With rumours claiming the Z’khuphani hit-maker scored a ‘sweet sixteen’ he tried by all means to protect his reputation and music career by not disclosing the baby mama, in the process however, humiliating the mother of his own son.

“We were not close. We were just strangers who met at a party. Even after we had slept together, we never really communicated for almost two months. However, things got a swift turn when she called to tell me she had missed her period,” said Cal-vin in a previous interview with our sister paper Sunday News.

As if that was not enough, Cal_Vin has again netted a score as his ex-girlfriend Chantel Antonio is expecting to deliver the rapper’s second child, an issue which Cal_Vin doesn’t want to comment on.

Despite all the personal life controversies, on the musical side Cal_Vin also seems to be missing it as for long he hasn’t released any hit material especially after his Z’khuphani song where he featured South African flamboyant rapper Casper Nyovest on the remix tip.

Even though he released two albums after Z’khuphani with one of them being Year of the Vin, the albums failed to live to expectations. They didn’t win hearts of his followers hence fans are still dying to hear a mind blowing non-bubblegum song that can prove the artiste is not a one-hit wonder.

What happened at this year’s Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards (RoilBAA) where Cal_Vin failed to scoop a single award from a possible two nominations is unlike him and it’s a sign that he is slowly losing relevance and support in Bulawayo, an assertion that he denied.

“Firstly, I will never be relevant in the Bulawayo music scene because I am the reason why the city’s hip-hop music is on the national scale, as of what happened at the RoilBAA it doesn’t count to me because I didn’t do any work last year worth awards nomination and I didn’t even submit my works for nominations, favour just got me nominated,” said Cal_vin.

As a way of bouncing back in the game, Dat Luveve Boy revealed he is making a follow-up to his Revenge of the Vin offering released in January this year by shooting musical videos for some of the songs featured on the album.

In August he will hold the third edition of the “Made In Bulawayo Festival” which will be followed by “The Revenge” national tour. B-Metro