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Hubby strangles wife in infidelity row

A 30-year -old soldier, based at 5 infantry Battlefield in Kwekwe allegedly murdered his 28-year-old wife by strangling her with a rope over infidelity. Bornface Madunusa murdered his wife Eunice Marimbire at their home in Mkoba 7 before fleeing from the scene, leaving Marimbire’s body lying on the floor and covered with blankets.

rape victim file pictureBrian Charidza, Marimbire’s landlord who stumbled upon Eunice’s body said the deceased sought to divorce her husband over marital problems.

“On June 2 last week Marimbire approached me saying she was having difficulties in her marriage and that she was leaving for Kwekwe where her husband stayed to collect her property, which she had left there.

“The following day she proceeded to Kwekwe and took her property, which she left in the custody of her relatives. She then came back and informed me that her husband was in Gweru making his way to Mkoba.” — The Herald