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Gasa to unveil ‘Code 263’ in Chinhoyi

Sungura musician Romeo Gasa will tomorrow launch his new album “Code 263” at Chinhoyi Stadium in the Mashonaland West provincial capital.

Romeo Gasa (Picture by NewsDay)
Romeo Gasa (Picture by NewsDay)

It is likely to be a big event that will attract many other sungura musicians that will share the stage with a man who has vowed to bring a new flavour to the genre.

On his previous album, Gasa went beyond common sungura boundaries and engaged female backing vocalists.

On the new album, he has brought in horn instruments to craft his own style.

Gasa has been accused of being a copycat of Alick Macheso, but he has decided to come up with a sound that will give him a unique identity.

And many artistes will be with him to celebrate the birth of his new baby named “Code 263”.

From the sungura sect come the likes of Peter Moyo, First Farai, Simon Mutambi, Mark Ngwazi and Tatenda Pinjisi while other genres will be represented by Jah Signal, Sniper Storm and Carlos Green among others.

The youthful sungura brigade that includes the likes of Ngwazi, Mutambi, Pinjisi and Moyo has formed a formidable force and they assist each other in their projects.

First Farai will be the big brother of the day who will support his homeboy Gasa on the night since they come from the same province.

Sniper and Jah Signal will bring a dancehall flair to the event. Dancehall has enticed many young people and it will be a deciding day for Mashonaland West folks to show their genre allegiance.

Speaking about the event, Gasa said he is set to prove a point about the popularity of sungura.

“Many young people love dancehall, but we have a section of sungura lovers that has youths and mature followers. I am bringing a new sungura flavour to the industry and I am confident that the album will make a bold statement,” said Gasa.

“Most people that have sampled our songs from the new album have endorsed the project and encouraged us to release it as soon as possible. I listened to them and I am bringing this new product this time because of demand from my fans.

“They are eagerly waiting for the album and I believe the new style will bring a new identity to my genre. It is a style that will differentiate Romeo Gasa from other sungura musicians.”

All artistes that are billed to perform at the launch have promised memorable acts and declared their support for Gasa. The Herald