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Ginimbi opens club in Harare

If there is anyone who knows how to throw a party it’s Genius Kadungure, better known as Ginimbi.

Genius Kadungure
Genius Kadungure

Before people knew his fetish for cars, his white parties have been making headlines.

The flamboyant businessman who is not shy to show off his wealth will be opening his first club called Club Sankayi on May 24, and it will be in Harare.

Ginimbi who trades gas in Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa, has been making inroads into the entertainment industry supporting musicians and now seems to have fully invested in the industry.

Although he has not made noise about it, his “friends” have been going all out with congratulatory messages including Zodwa Mkandla and Pokello Nare.

“Well done @G entertainment @ginimbi let’s come in our dozens as we witness the opening of the best of the best well done,” Mkandla wrote on her Instagram.

Nare also posted the poster of the opening saying: “Month end gonna be lit to the Heavens. 24th of May 2018 Club Sankayi opens its doors in Harare…And @ginimbi promises the best dressed people Cash prizes. Anticipate us!”

It his, however, under her post that controversy with the name Sankayi started, as the owners of a club with the same name in South Africa’s posh suburb of Sandton came out guns blazing claiming Ginimbi breached copyright laws by using their name.

“Would have appreciate if you guys took the time to ask us the right to use our club’s name. Copyright does exist,” a Leon Staar wrote.

“No we own the one in SA and never gave them the right to use our name. There’s a copyright.”

In another comment, the official account of the South African Sankayi Lounge said: “What is this all about? What gives you the right to use our name and it’s protected. You will hear from us.”

Ginimbi will also be bringing Fally Ipupa, a DR Congolese singer-songwriter and dancer to Harare end of this month.

Ginimbi announced on his Instagram page that the Rhumba star will be showing off his dance skills at the Harare International Conference Centre.

He was the one behind Davido’s 30 Billion Harare Concert at the same venue on April 21. He hosted the Nigerian musician, after several non-appearance disappointments by the artiste.

Davido had failed to perform in the country on three different occasions but, however, he later apologised and performed at an event that was attended by thousands of fans.

Of late, the socialite has become the prime target of many local artistes who wish to launch their albums in style.

This comes after the city bowler shined on Winky D’s Gombwe and Killer T’s Mashoko Anopfuura album launches held in the capital on February 2 and April 6 respectively.

Ginimbi bought Winky D and Killer T’s studio albums for $40 000 and $50 000 respectively.

On album launches, Ginimbi is usually found in the company of one Albert “Chief Albert” Ndabambi.

Kadungure is always flaunting his wealth, particularly cars on social media attracting a huge fan base.

“Life of the rich and famous This is my new baby SVR 2018, come come Mudiwa, they need to see they need to know… too much power, too much power, limited edition, special vehicle. Look at the exhaust, the interior,” Kadungure said as he raved-up the car and walked around his new whip recently.

He went on to post another picture where he was standing on the bonnet of the vehicle with doors open.

Earlier in the year he made waves showing off his 2017 Bentely Bentayga.

The car which is described as the “ultimate luxury SUV” costs almost R4 million in South Africa. Daily News