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Vimbai stars in steamy video

Daring songstress Vimbai ‘‘Vee Kay’’ Zimuto, who is based in the Netherlands, has defended her explicit music video saying it is not for family viewing and had been received well by her target market. 

The X-rated video of the song Hapana Kwaunoenda has made waves, with people being left dumbfounded by scenes in the video.

“The market I am singing for is for young adults and from what I saw they love it to bits. Those who are saying it’s too explicit are also asking how they can watch this with family…which is awkward. Why would you want to watch an adult video for mature people with your whole family,” Zimuto said in response to the Daily News’ questions.

“There is a reason why Santa Barbara was shown at 9pm and why Dzepabonde by Tilda is done at 11pm. It’s not for the whole family.”

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Zimuto said the video was inspired by a need to deal with extra-marital affairs and to motivate those in marriages not to slacken in their sex lives.

“Basically most married women tend to relax kuti ndava wepano ini. And take sex as a duty to your hubby. Sex is for both parties and as a woman you should have guts and power to initiate it too.

“So these two are married and don’t really have time for intimacy anymore so they chose to find a special day to treat each other with some TLC (tender, loving care). And he wants to go to work again so she says no way hapana kwaunoenda (you are not going anywhere).

“But she is not doing it akapfeka mudhebhe nezambia pulling socks mumusoro. Bringing your sexy can keep your man/marriage. Not the most important thing but it’s a big deal.”

The video was shot in Zimbabwe, produced by Spencer Masango and directed by Simba Gee.

The man in the video is fashion designer, Japser Mandizera, also known as Jaspizy.

In the video, the two portray hot steamy sexual sessions, including one in the shower. She also goes nude and moves seductively. The singer has had collaborations with local musicians including Andy Muridzo and Bryan K. Daily News