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Olinda, Tytan hunt for house in South Africa

By Bridget Mananavire

Lovebirds Tytan Skhokho, real name Njabulo Nkomo and Olinda Chapel have revealed plans to establish a home in the affluent area of Sandton, in South Africa.

Olinda and Tytan
Olinda and Tytan

The couple who have been living a highly publicised love life had a traditional wedding in the United Kingdom and are yet to have a “white wedding”, which will also take place in the UK.

The Nkomos took their fans and haters on a house-hunting journey as they filmed live on their Facebook pages.

The first house in Bryanston was R6,7 million while the second was R9 million and the third was R9,5 million, as they continued to other properties.

“We are just out in Sandton and looking at properties.  What we have decided to do is buy our new home in Sandton. Having spent a few days in Sandton together, we have fallen in love with it and I think we have found a second home,” Chapel said.

“This is gonna be our first home in South (Africa) so we want it to be right the first time. The reason why we are sticking in Sandton is for business purposes, we have a few business interests and investments in the next couple of months and we have to stay in that community because that is where our clientele would be,” she said as she interacted with people on the live feed.

The two have been staying at Saxon Hotel Villa and Spa during their stay in Johannesburg.

Tytan, 28, married his partner Olinda, 34, a mother of two, bearing the first when she was 17, is marrying for the third time, after her two previous failed marriages, including one with musician Desmond “Stunner” Chideme.

She has revealed in an interview that she was once married for 10 years.

Olinda was involved in a nasty break up with Stunner, after accusing the rap artiste of extramarital affairs.

She cried on live Facebook posts, drawing sympathy from several people, before calling time on the blissful marriage.

A few months after the break up, Tytan swept Olinda’s feet, in a development which culminated in the lobola proceedings.

In a series of videos posted by Tytan on his Facebook page showing the ‘‘big day’’, Olinda seemed to be in a jovial mood.

“I wish I could go back to primary school so I could write my composition for today as ‘The Day I Will Never Forget’ but then again the story would be awkward for a 10-year-old #becomingmrsnkomo,” Tytan wrote on his Facebook page, referring to the lobola proceedings.

On her Facebook page, Olinda, said she has finally found her way home, despite taking many wrong turns before.

“This is the day that the lord has made . . . And it shall be wonderful #becomingmrsnkomo,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

While the two have showed they are not going back on their plans, their union has been criticised as fake by some Zimbabweans.

It all started as a joke after Stunner reinforced the divorce in a song Ndoenda.

Tytan then composed a song telling Olinda that he will treat her good.

In the song titled Bho, he said he was going to make Olinda his queen.

“I will make you the queen, so that my woman, so that we love each other… Because I will always love you… … ini ndichakubata bho (I will treat you good)….crying doesn’t suit you, I’m mad about the way he treats you, every day he cheats on you, many girls beeping him,… you can change your life, it’s time that I make it rain…, the lyrics of the song go. Daily News