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Humba inspired by Mukadota

By Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Popular local television soap “Wenera”’s Conrad “Humba” Mwanawashe says he is inspired by the late Safirio Madzikatire — Mukadota. Humba who has become the darling in many households, has proved that soap operas play a pivotal role in shaping the society as his character is not only being followed but is imitated too.

Conrad Mwanawashe populary known as “Humba” in “Wenera” series

In “Wenera”, Humba plays the role of an educated chairperson of the worker’s committee and doesn’t want to be controlled by his wife Madhiga (Sandra Bandawe).

In an interview Humba said Mukadota was a genius and refreshing actor, hence his decision to emulate the late natural actor.
“His delivery was always on point with humour which was beyond the normal. Mukadota was a guru par excellence hence I strive to reach that.

“I have seen many people love the character Humba, even at shops fans follow me for pictures and autographs. I couldn’t believe my life would change drastically, after I became an actor.

“I have now engaged a manager and we will soon finalise the paperwork. There is more of Humba coming on commercials,” he said.

Humba said acting is a passion built on the belief that one has a talent and it should be God-given.
“I work hard on everything I do. Talent alone without hard work means nothing. Before going on set I internalize the script, take time to meditate on it then prepare for shoot. I still count myself as still ‘paying my school fees’, in the film sector but still learning the curves,” he said.

Asked how he balances his role, family and work, Humba said just like Mukadota lived, he too has three lives.

“I don’t want to involve my family in media. I prefer to talk about Humba the character not Conrad. Society is appreciative of my work, so far and I am indebted to them. Some believe the way I depict my role in ‘Wenera’ is the same as Conrad the person off set, but alas we are two different persons off set,” he said.

Humba, who in real life is a practicing journalist working for a private talk radio station Capitalk as a producer for the premier business breakfast show, “Start Up Capital”, bemoaned the lack of financial support within the sector.

“My concern is that local productions are not supported by resources. Some producers take advantage of this and do not pay artistes their dues. Most of the times we remain in the industry for passion and exercising talent. We must have standard contracts in the arts industry and proper representative body to look into issues affecting talent, otherwise we will continue to lose talent,” he said. The Herald