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Zim transgender ‘suffers miscarriage’

By Bridget Mananavire

Zimbabwe’s transwoman Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg — who shocked the world last year when she claimed that she was pregnant — has made another stunning claim that she has suffered a miscarriage.

Tatelicious Karigambe
Tatelicious Karigambe

Karigambe-Sandberg — who is now based in Sweden — was born a man and made headlines in 2015 after saying she had undergone a sex-change procedure, before relocating to Europe.

She announced in a Facebook video in November last year that she had fallen pregnant through the assistance of Swedish and German doctors.

In another video on the same platform, she now claims to have lost the baby, giving hope to other women who might have gone through the same that; “miscarriages are not the end of the world”.

“We hope everyone is doing well in peace and happiness. Just after our wedding in December 2017, we faced real life trauma. It was just like a normal Wednesday evening watching TV with my husband then I started bleeding,” she wrote on her Facebook page last week.

“Yes, we got very sacred and my husband rushed me to the hospital. Later that evening after being admitted in the hospital, we received news from the doctor that we had lost our baby.

“People have been asking what happened to the baby but we were not yet ready to reveal details. I wanna inspire all women who have faced miscarriages that: ‘sometimes in times of tragedy, we find our life’s purpose’ we love you all and makatikoshera mufunge.”

People have been doubting the pregnancy and have been questioning Karigambe-Sandberg on what happened to it as she danced in an unusual manner for pregnant women.

When she announced that she was pregnant, she was excited, describing it as a miracle, even adding on the mhururu kumatenga (praise to the heavens) song in the background while dancing with her husband Richard Sandberg.

“How are you our lovely Facebookers and everybody who is watching, we hope we find you well, we have some good news to tell you. Baby please tell our Facebookers and everybody who is watching the good news,” Karigambe said to her husband.

“We are expecting our baby,” Sandberg said.

“Tate is pregnant. A lot of people have been speculating but we wanted to keep it under the radar because I have been very sick reacting to this baby stuff thing. Yes, we are expecting our baby next year. We would like to appeal to ladies who have carried babies for nine months . . . you are so special because it’s not easy,” Karigambe took over the announcing.

“We are happy and we wanted to share the news with you. As a transgender woman also, I thought it was impossible but the doctors are doing their best to make sure transgender women live better and also as married women and those in relationships to make their lives better by carrying their own children.

“We cannot reveal the sex of the child yet, but you will know, we will keep you posted and please, please, give me some tips ladies who have been pregnant because my legs are sore, and now I am just liking one type of food. I no longer want a variety. And I have changed my juice, no longer drinking red wine, now drinking orange juice.”

It is, however, not clear what kind of procedure she went through and whether she had a uterus transplant.

Zimbabwe has a strong anti-gay, lesbian and transgender policy which has seen many of them being discriminated against and ostracised.

Karigambe earlier revealed to the Daily News’ sister paper The Weekend Post that she underwent surgery in India in 2013 to have vaginal plastic surgery and also underwent breast augmentation. DailyNews