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Zoey’s sex school a hit in Harare

. . . men failing to satisfy trained women
. . . urged to try herbs

A local sex school fronted by popular pole dancer and stripper Zoey Sifelani and partners has become a hit with women.

Raunchy dancer Zoey Sifelani and entertainer Brown Sugar on the set of their controversial Muzvambarara video
Raunchy dancer Zoey Sifelani and entertainer Brown Sugar on the set of their controversial Muzvambarara video

Situated in Mabelreign, the school gives sex education to women, teaching them new styles – which she termed ‘modern sex’ – to practice during sex sessions.

Zoey believes she has done much and the challenge is now for men to match the skills the women would have acquired.

“The bedroom problems are real, some women are clueless on what to do in bed. They come and share their problems with us and we assist them. We give them sex education, how to please their men between the sheets. We even teach them how to do oral sex. A number of women are complaining that their husbands are cheating on them and I want to bring that to an end. Women need to satisfy their men, give them what they are getting at ‘small houses’,” she said.

“The problem is now with the men, some are even failing to satisfy the women. The women come here and we teach them and they master the bedroom moves. When they go back home, and practice the moves, the men then fail to keep up. Mumwe akati Zoey ndangomuitira one style akaita hwejongwe,” she said.
Zoey believes men should also enhance their skills in order to satisfy their women. Zoey suggested ‘weak’ men to try out natural remedies such as herbs.

“Some even ask us what we can do to help their men satisfy them in bed,” she said.

“People are scared of trying some natural remedies. In most cases these natural remedies such as herbs do not have side effects and what is only needed is to get them from a reputable someone. I will recommend Twelve O Two. We will be having them at our school so that the trained women will take their herbs to their partners. It’s like a partnership I have entered with them (Twelve O Two) so that both parties are satisfied.

“What I know is the women that I teach vanonopedzera varume vavo and those men need endurance during sex.

“If someone is taking an enhancement, you just don’t have to be selfish. Take the herbs together with your partner so that the enjoyment will be mutual, nakirwai mese,” she said.

Twelve O Two said they supply herbs that assist people with various bedroom issue.

“Our job is to get people’s concerns and we assist them with the natural herbs. Ours do not have side effects and we get them from reputable suppliers and deliver them to the people. We are at Vanguard House along Kenneth Kaunda opposite NRZ Harare station and anyone can visit us or they can contact us and we do a delivery for them on our numbers 0776935202. We value privacy of our clients.

“Several men come here for enlargement of their organs, remedies to increase their sex drive. Women are also catered for with remedies to increase sex drive, enlarge hips, bums and breasts,” said a representative.  H-Metro