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Mugabe will vote MDC: Chamisa

The longtime former authoritarian leader, who was toppled in a soft coup by his former right-hand man Emmerson Mnangagwa, has urged the opposition to work closely with the full spectrum of the youths to enable them to take-over the governance of the country in the interest of generational renewal whose time he said has come.

“Don’t oppress them; make sure they are not harassed. I know they will be harassed and some arrested but empower them mentally to fight for what is right,” Mugabe said.

Speaking to the SABC in an interview on Monday Chamisa, who is also the MDC Alliance leader, said given his deep-seated grievances, there was no way Mugabe would vote for Zanu PF.

“The good thing in this election is that for the first time in the history of this country, Mugabe is not going to vote for Zanu PF.

“Not only that, Mugabe is going to vote for the opposition and the biggest question is which opposition. On that the jury is still out, but I suspect he is going to vote MDC,” said Chamisa.

He also said the MDC was fired up for elections and was in the process of drafting a game-changing election manifesto which would upset Mnangagwa at the poll.

“Our machinery is well oiled and well fuelled. It’s all systems go, our ducks are in a row; we are the only game in town in terms of electability in the country,” he said.

“Our blueprint is going to be a cracker on the market because we are bringing new ideas and new policies.

“We say it’s not possible for yesterday’s man to solve today’s problems.

“The 20th Century man cannot pretend to be the solution to today’s problems. ED (Mnangagwa) and crew are part of Uncle Bob’s battalion, they must be allowed to rest and not be in the mainstream politics.

“That’s why we celebrated and waved goodbye to uncle Bob and we are saying ED must also accompany uncle Bob,” said the erudite, youthful politician.

He, however, said the party was still concerned with some of the outstanding issues related to elections such as the audit of the new electronic voters’ roll and who would print the ballot papers.

He said the party was keen to have these issues ressolved before elections as they have soiled previous polls whose results were highly contested.

“We won’t allow another an ‘unfree’ election because it is going to cause instability and anarchy.

“We would rather surrender ourselves before we surrender our victory,” he said without explaining what that implied. DailyNews