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‘Prophet’ presents ‘goblin’ in court

By Tarisai Machakaire

A Harare court gallery was yesterday cleared to allow a self-styled Binga “prophet” to present a “goblin” he claimed to have recovered from a CAG Travellers Coach and allegedly demanded money to prevent a potentially fatal accident.

CAG Travellers Coach
CAG Travellers Coach

After claiming there was a goblin in the bus on February 24, Isaac Nkalakata, 32, became the only passenger to travel on the bus from Gokwe to Harare after he scared off passengers.

He claimed to have prayed the whole journey to avert an accident.

When they arrived in Harare, CAG Travellers Coaches’ Afra Nhanhanga was forced to surrender $20 to Nkalakata to the removal of the “goblin” from the bus. 

Nkalakata began walking towards the city centre with the “goblin”.

He was then arrested by police.  Nkalakata is being charged with extortion and contravening the Wildlife Act. He appeared before Harare magistrate Eric Kadye.

Nkalakata unveiled the so-called goblin in court — a live tortoise draped in a hyena skin and beads.

In the black “tshangani” bag was also a container wrapped in wild animal skin and old $100 Zimbabwean notes.

He told court officials to be careful saying anything could happen because the goblin was “too strong.” The tortoise began moving around the court room and Nkalakata pulled it back using some beads.

The tortoise was forfeited to wildlife authorities. Daily News