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Mai Chisamba, Chinoz off for Happiness Summit

Buhera South legislator Joseph “Cde Chinoz” Chinotimba and television personality Rebecca “Mai Chisamba” Chisamba, Zimbabwe’s Ambassadors of Happiness left the country for Dubai to attend the World Government Summit on Happiness.

Zanu-PF Buhera South legislator Joseph Chinotimba weighed in saying the banning of second hand clothing was not a good idea especially in the face of current job losses.
Zanu-PF Buhera South legislator Joseph Chinotimba

The two were accompanied by minister of Labour and Social Welfare Petronella Kagonye who confirmed the development.

“We have been invited by the government of Dubai to attend World Government Summit which is running under the theme of ‘Global Dialogue for Happiness’ and it will run from February 11 to 13. The trip was funded by the host country,” Kagonye said.

“As the ministry, we need the two ambassadors to attend the event such that they learn and share their experience in local labour market.”

Kagonye said they hope to boost productivity in the work places by introducing happiness to employees.

“A happy worker is one who is motivated and prepared to go an extra mile. Once an employee is happy, he/she is motivated then we are sure to boost productivity hence we hope Chinotimba and Mai Chisamba shall represent us well,” she said.

The World Government Summit is expected to attract more than 300 international experts plus more than 30 000 delegates from over 130 countries. On their website, the Global Dialogue for Happiness said the event is meant to discuss themes impacting happiness and wellbeing.

“The Global Dialogue for Happiness event will bring together top thinkers, decision makers and experts from around the world to start a global discussion on the importance of happiness and wellbeing, and the imperative role of governments in achieving elevated levels of happiness worldwide,” reads the website.

Chinotimba was ecstatic about the trip.

“My job is very simple and I know how to execute it. I am going there to make people laugh, that is all. Even when I am in Parliament, I make sure parliamentarians across the political divide are happy. I am very happy to go to Dubai for the first time,” Chinotimba said.

Chinotimba told the Daily News that while some sections of the society mock him for his poor education, he was happy that three of his children are graduates.

“I compensated my lack of education by sending my children to school. I am proud that three of my girls have graduated at the University of Zimbabwe. Two of them have degrees in finance while the other one is pursuing Masters in Sociology,” he said.

Last month, Chinotimba was hailed by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga during the launch of his book Masasi aChinoz saying the Buhera South legislator is proud to showcase his comic character hence reaping the results from it.

“Let me hasten to say with our new curriculum that has done away with the grooming of a job seeker, but instead grooming a job creator, it is now the duty of both parents and teachers to monitor, assess and identify the talents within our children and nurture them as they grow stage by stage,” he said.

Chiwenga praised Chinotimba for proudly showcasing his talent as a comedian, saying the Buhera South legislator is now reaping benefits from his talent.

“You have heard from the minister of Labour and Social Welfare that. . . they are going to spend a week in Dubai, rubbing shoulders with other people like him (Honourable Chinotimba) our ambassador of Happiness around the world and the Head of State of that country. It’s amazing. 

“Some of you have two or three degrees and have never seen the inside of an aeroplane, but our ambassador of Happiness is flying to Dubai because of being happy and making people around him happy as well,” Chiwenga said then in a speech read on his behalf by minister of Lands Perence Shiri. Daily News