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Zanu PF bans regalia with Mugabe’s face

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ruling Zanu PF has prohibited the wearing of political regalia emblazoned with toppled despot Robert Mugabe’s face.

President Robert Mugabe and wife at the Zanu PF headquarters
President Robert Mugabe and wife at the Zanu PF headquarters

“We have those with old party regalia such as Zambia cloths and T-shirts displaying former President Robert Mugabe’s face, we should stop putting them on and wait for new regalia emblazoned with … Mnangagwa’s face so that we can market him in districts ahead of the polls. We want people to know him,” Zanu PF Manicaland provincial chairman Mike Madiro told an inter district meeting at Mutare Hall on Sunday.

Beside the old party regalia with Mugabe’s face, there was also more interesting and fashionable pieces that embody today’s fashion trends.

Mugabe was forced to resign after a military takeover, which led to popular protests and impeachment proceedings in Parliament, but only after negotiating a deal that guaranteed immunity from prosecution, protection for his business interests, and a $10m cash sum.

“Let’s respect … Mugabe; he is a statesman. He played his part that’s why … Mnangagwa said government is going to take care of him. He was only surrounded by criminals but he played his part,” Madiro said. DailyNews