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Alleged pickpocketing mom arrested after high-speed chase

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A glamourous mom, who was caught on camera allegedly pickpocketing a woman of her cellphone at a supermarket, appeared in court this week where she abandoned her bail application.

Sinazo Fumknekile, 27, from Philippi abandoned her bail application
Sinazo Fumknekile, 27, from Philippi abandoned her bail application

Sinazo Fumknekile, 27, from Philippi, was charged with theft after allegedly snatching the phone out of Fazlin Samodien’s handbag at the Checkers in Rylands on 12 December.

In the video, a child seen accompanying the suspect, distracts Fazlin, who is unaware that she is being robbed.

Three days later Fumknekile was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment after being chased down in her flashy red BMW.

Fazlin’s husband, Mujahid Jacobs, who works for police’s crime intelligence, had tracked down Fumknekile.

Mujahid explained that he had traced the BMW using the registration. He spotted the car in Gugulethu, at which point the suspect fled, leading police on 2.8km high-speed chase which ended in Philippi East.

Police confirmed to the Daily Voice that the accused has a similar theft case against her in Claremont, and three warrants out for her arrest, for the same crime, in Johannesburg.

In Fumknekile’s second court appearance on Monday, her private attorney announced she would be abandoning her bail bid and asked for a postponement until 19 January.

The accused was supported by her family members, including her set of triplets, at court.

Fumknekile’s hair was done in beautiful, long, red braids and her long nails were manicured in an eye-catching red.

While waiting for the magistrate to resume proceedings, two women entered the courtroom carrying three babies.

Fumknekile started wailing and held each baby, no older than four months, one at a time.

She hugged them tightly against her breast before they had to leave court.

Fazlin, who was not in court, said she was waiting anxiously to hear the outcome.

It is believed Fumknekile will plead guilty and offer to pay for the cellphone she had taken.

Her family declined to speak to the Daily Voice.

The matter was provisionally postponed to 19 January.