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Woman claims married ex-lover broke her arm and stalks her

By Robin Lee Francke | Daily Voice |

A domestic worker from Grassy Park wants to expose her married ex-lover who she says has been abusing and harassing her.

Charon Struis says her married former boyfriend stomped on her arm until it broke. Picture: Robin-Lee Francke

In the latest incident, Donovan Thorne from Grassy Park allegedly stomped on Charon Struis’ arm until it broke, and he was also caught on camera coming to her employer’s home with a weapon.

She has since taken out a restraining order against him but fears for her life.

The former couple met last year and Charon, 29, says Thorne was a good boyfriend until she found out he was married.

She broke up with him in March when her employers, who are also from Grassy Park, told her he was married.

“We met each other through a mutual friend last year and he told me he has been divorced for six years. When my employers found out about him, I immediately broke things off and he then kept threatening me,” the frightened woman explains.

Charon says about two weeks ago, Thorne tracked her down while she was out with friends at a park in Grassy Park.

“He had one of his friends watch me and then report back to him,” she explains.

“I was sitting in the car and he pulled me out of the car. He told me: ‘Vanaand maak ek jou dood, jou vark! (I will kill you tonight, you pig!)’

“He tore my clothes, and we were fighting, he threw me to the ground and jumped on my arm continuously until it broke.

“I am in so much pain. On Thursday I had to undergo surgery and metal plates were put in my arm. I got a restraining order against him now.

“I want him to go to jail for the rest of his life.”

Captain FC van Wyk confirms Thorne’s arrest.

“Grassy Park SAPS can confirm that a case of crimen injuria (domestic violence) was opened and the complainant opened a case after her ex-boyfriend threatened to kill her. The suspect was arrested and appeared in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court,” van Wyk said.

But following his release on bail, Thorne was caught on camera at Charon’s employer’s house last week.

“We caught him on the CCTV footage as he walked around the premises with a weapon in his hand. Luckily I was not there at the time,” Charon says.