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Jeys responds to tribal slurs with call for unity

By Bongani Ndlovu

Afro-Jazz musician Jeys Marabini has called on Zimbabweans who are from different tribes to  embrace each other in order to focus on development. His call comes after he was reportedly subjected to tribal slurs, pelted and booed while on stage at the inauguration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Friday at the National Sports Stadium in Harare.

Jeys Marabini

Jeys Marabini who was part of the entertainment during the inauguration, said his crime was to sing in isiNdebele.

He said a section of the crowd started saying hatinzwi Ndebele (we can’t understand isiNdebele).

“When we started singing, a section of the crowd responded by shouting that they did not understand Ndebele. They then started throwing cans, plastic bottles and other items at me and members of Kozekulunge Band,” posted Jeys Marabini on his Facebook page.

He said it was a sad that after demonstrating recently that Zimbabweans are united, some individuals were openly promoting tribalism.

“I stopped the band and told the rabble-rousers to stop promoting tribalism because Zimbabwe has many tribes. It was only then that the people who were shouting that they did not understand Ndebele and throwing objects stopped,” said Jeys Marabini.

He said he was saddened that after 37 years of independence Zimbabwe still had tribalists.“It’s so painful that after 37 years of independence we still have tribalism challenges. I personally believe that music builds bridges and unites people,” said Jeys Marabini.

Other musicians came out in support of Jeys Marabini.

Renowned videographer Blaqs who was also at the inauguration said he witnessed Jeys Marabini’s ordeal and his heart sank.

“The inauguration was bittersweet for me. While I was happy for the change, I got a rude awakening when Jeys Marabini was booed for singing in isiNdebele.  Some things will never change,”  posted Blaqs on his Facebook page. The Chronicle