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Man ‘exports’ groceries, property to smallhouse

By Michael Magoronga

GROCEMOSIS- is the movement of groceries from home to a level of lower concentration at the small house!


Man dumps wife, moves in with maidThat’s the case with Lawrence Mlambo (68) from Kwekwe who does not think twice to take groceries from home to feed his small house. As such, his marriage of 37 years is on the brink of collapse.

Appearing before Kwekwe magistrate Vimbai Mutukwa recently, his wife said he has of late become abusive and no longer listens to her.

“He has become so abusive and takes property and groceries to his girlfriend. The car that was bought by our children is now being used by the girlfriend and it hurts badly,” she said. She also alleges that Mlambo has on several occasions tried to eject her from their 28 Townsend Crescent matrimonial house.

In response, Mlambo begged for forgiveness saying he was not aware that the matter had gotten to that extent.

“My parents are from a polygamous family so I thought there was nothing wrong with me having one myself. I actually have children with the woman in question,” Mlambo quipped.

In granting the protection order by consent, Mutukwa said the couple shouldn’t have wedded under chapter 511 if he knew that he wanted polygamy. B-Metro

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