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Another pepper spray attack at 263

By Bongani Ndlovu

CLUB 263 in Bulawayo suffered another pepper spray attack on Monday, bringing to three reported cases at the establishment with the manager saying it was the work of their enemies.

The first time such an attack happened at the venue was in April last year when the joint was then Cloud 9. The second time was in March this year when there was a stampede that led to the door at the club to be broken down as the patrons, who had packed the joint, rushed out to get some fresh air.

On Monday one patron who declined to be named said they were having a drink with friends and went to the toilet at around midnight.

“When I got back from the toilet, I immediately felt my eyes itching and I started sneezing. People rushed to the door trying to get some air. I’ve never experienced such,” said the patron.

He said owners of the joint should take stern measures to curb this from ever happening again.

“What if there was someone who has asthma? They could’ve died after inhaling that pepper spray. Or someone could’ve died after being crushed during a stampede when people are rushing for air outside? They should catch these people and also they should beef up security,” he said.

DJ Obama, manager at the joint, said these protracted attacks showed it was the work of enemies of the joint.“We still believe it’s a planned work of our enemies who are not happy with our success. It’s not a coincidence that it always happens when the club is full and our competition empty. It also doesn’t make sense that someone can just pepper spray people for no reason, there has to be a motive and the motive is clear for all to see,” he said.

DJ Obama said they had reported the case to the police and had beefed up security.

“We’ve increased security and installed cameras to make sure it does not happen again. We’ve reported the issue to the police and we’re confident that they will catch these people,” said DJ Obama. The Chronicle