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Qadr Amini marriage rocked

DAYS after Ngezi Platinum FC left back Qadr Amini tied the knot with his wife, Kudzanai Mangachena, at the Harare magistrates court, it has emerged that he paid lobola for another young woman in May this year and they have a three month old baby.

Amini and wife, Kudzanai Mangachena
Amini and wife, Kudzanai Mangachena

Amini confirmed that he has a baby with Karen Nyasha Moyanah but denied paying lobola for her.
However, Nyasha insists he paid and confirmed that the list of lobola proceedings that H-Metro is in possession of is legitimate.

“Yes he paid lobola for me in May and we engaged in August and I never knew he had a wife. He never mentioned her and I even went to his family functions and his house and there was no sign of a woman. Maybe they were on separation. I only found out about the woman last week when H-Metro carried a story of his marriage to the other woman,” she said.

Amini has a different story.

“I had an affair with her and we have a child, it’s true. But it was a mistake, my wife is the one I wedded last week and she knows about the child I had with Nyasha. I was not paying lobola on those pictures, I was just doing the rituals to avoid bad publicity like what is now happening. Ndakanomusungira chete kuvhara maOne,” he said.

Amini said he has been traditionally married for over six years to his wife, Kudzanai.

But it appears he was lying to the 20-year-old Bulawayo-based Nyasha.“In August we had an engagement party in Bulawayo and we were supposed to wed in December. Since May, when he paid lobola, I was known as his wife, Mai Q,” said Nyasha.Probed further about how she did not know he was married, Nyasha opened up to H-Metro.

“Well I met Qadr here in Bulawayo when he was still playing for How mine. He didn’t approach me as a family guy but as a single man so I fell for him and we dated and I got pregnant.

“This is when he went to Harare and started playing for Ngezi Platinum. Seeing that i was pregnant he did lobola for me and he is known by my family. This was around May cause i was almost due when we did the lobola procedures and that’s when I moved out of my parents’ house to stay with him.

“Every weekend after his game he would come so now we were in the process of me going to his parents officially so they see their grandson who is three months old now.

“We were supposed to get married in December because I had to change to my husband’s culture which is Muslim and get a court wedding.

“I was shocked to see him in the newspaper with another wife and worst of all he said he was setting an example to the soccer world. I am not known as his girlfriend but his wife even in Harare. I promise I never knew of the other wife until the news was published in the papers,” she said.

“The week he got married he was supposed to come on Wednesday to Bulawayo because he was playing in Gweru and then all of a sudden he told mi his mum was sick and I said well it’s fine go to H, not knowing he was getting married to another woman.

“But the previous weekend we were together as he was playing against Bulawayo City. He consistently came to Bulawayo to be with me every weekend after his fixtures. H-Metro