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MDC Alliance principals slammed

Morgan Tsvangirai
Morgan Tsvangirai

During the MDC Bulawayo provincial meeting over the weekend, Bhebhe twisted the knife into the MDC partners.

“We need to unite if we want to remove Mugabe but what is disturbing me  is that if you have your home and a new daughter in-law comes at your home, then kids start dying, vomiting and getting sick, is that daughter in-law okay?

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“If you see some saying that the daughter in-law is okay when they know that she is not okay it means they wake up at night together with the daughter in-law who has come to cause chaos. What I saw is that when we started voter registration, I saw MDC members in red T-shirts running around but I have never seen the daughter in-law in yellow T-shirts.

“What type of a daughter in-law is that? Daughter in-laws are supposed to wake up early in the morning, sweeping the yard before anyone else; she must also be the first to arrive in the fields.

“Here I am talking about unity and the coming of this daughter in-law is causing a lot of discord amongst us and if we don’t talk about this bad daughter in-law, we will all die.”

Bhebhe said they have not yet failed to remove Mugabe as MDC.

“When we leave here today, let’s all know that we have not yet failed to do our work. If it took Zanu PF and Zapu more than 20 years to remove (Rhodesian supremacist leader Ian) Smith, we have not failed yet because we are only 17 years old.

“Sometimes when you need someone to help you weed your field, it does not mean that the person helping you is now the owner of the fields. If you are looking for someone to help you weed since the field is not his, you must show him where to weed.”

Bhebhe further said: “You found us united, daughter in-law leave us united. Do not mislead my children, my father and brothers. Also my father and brothers, stop listening to misleading things. At the end of the day we will work and never reach our destination.

“If there is anything worrying, you do not go and talk about it with outsiders, come and talk about it at home. I am asking you to unite, we must work together.  I am asking you to work for the MDC led by Tsvangirai and deputised by Khupe, full stop.” Daily News