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Mutare couple loses car to conman

By Liberty Dube

A MUTARE couple last Saturday lost a vehicle — a Mazda Demio — in dramatic fashion to a Harare man, who masqueraded as a family friend before he vanished.

File picture of a Madza Demio
File picture of a Madza Demio

Narrating the ordeal, owner of the car, Emillia Mutya of Chikanga high-density suburb said the man, Douglas Duri, took away the car, which also had her kids inside before dumping them at Chikanga Supermarket.

Although Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakohwa was yet to get finer details of the matter, Emillia reported at Mutare Central Police Station under RRB number 3291184. Duri is still at large and is believed to be residing in Chitungwiza.

“Duri and my husband came home from the rural areas around 3pm. The former asked me to visit someone at 3 Brigade in Chikanga saying he wanted to fetch some money for my husband. I drove him there. We were accompanied by my two children who were seated at the back.

“We entered 3 Brigade premises despite the challenge of not having brought my identification card, which is needed at the gate. He made a phone call saying he would send me to see an unknown person to collect the money. He refused to disembark from the car saying he was avoiding someone inside.

“I disembarked from the car after he told me to see a certain woman he only described to me. He didn’t give me the name of the person I would see. I didn’t see anyone who matched the description,” she said Upon coming back, Emillia said, her car and the trio of Duri and her two kids had vanished.

“I asked people who were around if they had seen Duri and the car, but no one seemed to have any information. I then called my husband, but incidentally, he had left the phone in the car. It went unanswered before one of my children picked it.

“He was crying saying they had been dumped at TM Supermarket in Chikanga. He said Duri had asked them to inquire if there was money at an EcoCash booth. I used my husband’s discretion or trust and thought Duri could be trusted,” she added.  Anyone with information leading to the recovery of the car should contact her on 0772660996. The Herald