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Devon Chafa’s DeMbare wife

By Don Makanyanga

CAPS UNITED central midfielder Devon Chafa is married to a staunch Dynamos supporter.

CAPS UNITED central midfielder Devon Chafa and his family
CAPS UNITED central midfielder Devon Chafa and his family

His mother also supports Dynamos. In fact, everyone in his family believes DeMbare is the real deal. And one would expect the midfielder, who also played for Dynamos, to be a fan of the club.

“I don’t support any team; I am a footballer and work for football clubs. As for my wife and family being Dynamos supporters that really does not matter to me, they are fans and I am a player.

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“I always play to win and in the Harare Derby all my efforts will be towards making Caps United victorious,” said the Makepekepe linkman.

Whilst her husband is going for a win this afternoon Caroline Hungwe is praying for a draw. “I do not know which team to support because Caps United is where my husband is employed and Dynamos is the team I have always supported.

“It’s a tricky situation for me. As a wife I have to be there for my husband while at the same time I cannot stand a Dynamos defeat. I guess a draw will be fair,” she said.

Mrs Chafa revealed how the two “rivals” get on with life in the build-up to the Harare Derby. “Before the game we do not discuss anything about it, unlike in other cases where Caps United will be playing another team.

“The reason why we do not discuss the match before it is played is because I don’t want to put him under any pressure because this game comes with its own demands.

“But after the game we talk about everything and I remember last year when Caps United finally beat us, my husband was very happy and I was on the receiving end of his jokes,” she said. Interestingly, Chafa’s wife comes from a Caps United supporting family and grew up vowing never to wear green.

“Because I am a Dynamos fan naturally I don’t like Caps United and Highlanders because they are our sworn enemies. “Sometimes I wear the Makepekepe jersey just to show support to my husband but to be honest I won’t be feeling comfortable,” she said.

Meanwhile, Chafa’s mother, Hellen Chigohwe, revealed that she will dump her favourite NSS Bay and watch the derby from the VIP tribune.

“I don’t want to hear the insults that my fellow Dynamos fans will hurl at my son so I will be sitting in the VIP section although it’s not my favourite place to watch a game from,” she said.

“It’s only natural that Devon is a target of such boos because he played for Dynamos before and in football that is something we have to expect.

“As a mother I will be praying that he does well but one thing for sure is I want a Dynamos win. We want to win the league title this year and this is a must-win game.”

Chafa reckons his mum and the rest of the DeMbare fans are in for some disappointment. “I never want to disappoint my dear mother but this year we will collect six points from them.

“It must be remembered that they are playing the champions at the NSS. I am sorry, but the whole country will not be happy after the final whistle,” said the Caps United man. The Sunday Mail