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DeMbare the Butchers of Barbourfields

By Robson Sharuko

DYNAMOS’ six-goal humiliation of troubled How Mine yesterday set a new record for goals scored by the Glamour Boys in a league match in the era of the modern Premiership as Lloyd Mutasa’s men turned themselves into the Butchers of Barbourfields.

Lloyd Mutasa talks to his captain Ocean Mushure
Lloyd Mutasa talks to his captain Ocean Mushure

Ace forwards Christian Ntouba and Denver Mukamba helped themselves to a four-goal harvest, with a brace apiece, to help DeMbare register their biggest victory margin in the Premiership which is celebrating its Silver Jubilee this year.

Although How Mine, whose players have been rebelling against the club’s leadership over unpaid dues and haven’t been in the best possible shape, were expected to struggle yesterday, very few would have predicted they would capitulate in such humiliating fashion.

For Dynamos fans, yesterday’s 6-0 massacre went a long way towards hitting back at How Mine coach Kelvin Kaindu for his comments, in April this year, questioning these Glamour Boys’ pedigree after the Bulawayo side had won the reverse fixture 1-0 at Rufaro.

‘’I think Dynamos have always been strong. I cannot take away the pedigree that they have, I have got so much respect for them after collecting maximum points,” Kaindu said back then.

“But Dynamos are not as strong as we know. I have seen Dynamos playing, I think they need to push it up a bit. The league cannot be exciting without (a strong) Dynamos, honestly.”

And, yesterday, it was the turn of the Zambian gaffer to feel the pain as DeMbare fans took to social media to mock How Mine following their capitulation at Barbourfields.

With one of the most anticipated Harare Derby now on the horizon, CAPS United fans also rushed to their social media handles to remind their DeMbare counterparts of the seven-goal hammering the Glamour Boys once suffered at the hands of the Green Machine.

But, yesterday, the day belonged to DeMbare who are now just three points behind leaders Chicken Inn with two games in hand in the championship race.

Okay, for the sake of putting yesterday’s events into context, let’s break it all down concentrating on the number SIX.

SIX is the combined number of substitutes which two teams are allowed to use in a football game and, as if by any coincidence, yesterday was the SIXTH league match that How Mine have lost this season with every goal they conceded at Barbourfields yesterday now a reminder of every defeat they have suffered this year.

You don’t need to be a football fan to be fascinated by the events at Barbourfields yesterday for, after all, SIX is the number of players that each side is allowed to field in a volleyball match, the number of players, including the goalie, who should be on ice at any time, except in penalty situations, for an ice hockey team and the jersey number that the starting blindside flanker wears in rugby union.

Even if you aren’t a sports fan, the good money is that you have heard something called a six-pack, which is the standard packaging for six bottles or cans of alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks and, if you have taken a flight, SIX is the fundamental number of flight instruments.

Insects have SIX legs, the cells of a bee-hive are SIX-SIDED and SIX is the only number that is both the sum and the product of three consecutive positive numbers.

The standard guitar has SIX strings and the music that came out of Barbourfields yesterday was certainly pleasing to the ears of the Dynamos fans while, those who consider themselves to their opponents, simply turned the sound off.

Of course, the Bible tells us that in SIX days our good Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them, and on the seventh day our great Lord rested and blessed the Sabbath Day and made it Holy.

Oh, by the way, a coffin is traditionally buried SIX feet beneath the ground and, for Kaindu and his men, this was the day they feared would never happen, when all their dreams were destroyed in a SIX-GOAL humiliation, in their backyard, which shook the domestic Premiership.

Some will say it’s something to do with his name — KELVIN KAINDU — which, if you break it down letter by letter, has SIX letters in the first name and SIX letters in the surname while others will say it’s something to do with the day, 24 (August), with TWO plus FOUR giving us SIX. The Herald