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I’m a normal mother at home: Zodwa opens up about raising son

At the mention of Zodwa Wabantu, most people instantly think, skimpy clothing and impressive dance moves, but away from the spotlight the position she holds in high regard is being a mother.

Zodwa Wabantu and son
Zodwa Wabantu and son

Zodwa is a doting mother to her 11-year-old son Vuyo, whom she says is her biggest supporter. She recently opened up saying her son does not judge her on what people say and instead, loves her unconditionally, often standing up for her.

“My child is happy. To him I’m a normal mother with an extraordinary job. He loves the perks of my job because he gets to meet all these ‘cool’ people.

“At home, I’m as normal as they come, loving and raising a happy child away from all the media and opinions of social media. He’s the reason I hustle as hard as I do, I love him and he loves me,” she said.

The entertainer, who has also admitted that she is a proud “nudist”, said that she had received backlash from other women who accuse her of being a bad mother just because of her persona.

She said that she did not care about negative comments like, “I feel sorry for your son” or “Your son won’t respect women,” over her semi-nude picture.

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“People think I’m not normal. They think I’m always at parties for fun, that I wake up and start drinking. They’ve made assumptions based on what I wear and use it to gauge the kind of mother that I am.

“Just because I don’t like panties or I post half naked pictures on my Instagram, does not mean that is who I am to my son. But whether people know that or not, is not an issue because my son knows and understands who I am,” she explained.

Zodwa now has a series of international gigs lined up, having burst into the scene for her risqué dance moves like vosho. Zodwa also plans to expand her services to more than “just a dancer” by venturing into other things in the creative industry.

The entertainer also dismissed reports that she recently admitted to being lesbian and is dating a woman named Thusi. She said that while she is a strong advocate of the LGBTI community, she is attracted to men.

She said she was aware of reports that quoted her as saying she wants to settle down with a woman.

“As far as relationships are concerned, I’m currently single after breaking up with the man I was seeing. I’m not attracted to women like that.

“I’ve have kissed women and I believe there’s a picture circulating of me kissing a woman, but it was just a kiss. I kiss a lot of people when I’m at events because I’m friendly to my fans, but I’m not lesbian,” said Zodwa.

“My schedule and change in financial standing became too much for the man I was seeing. I think he was intimidated and I also can’t have a man who thinks it’s okay for me to just give him money. No matter how much money I make, I still needed him to be a man in the relationship. So I was sad when he told me we had drifted away but I wasn’t willing to buy love,” she explained. — TimesLive