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Leave Grace alone with her venom…all eyes must be on Rita!

By Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo Snr

One thing I would like to urge progressive Zimbabweans is never to allow your attention on critical issues in this country to be diverted by Grace Mugabe’s venom which she usually spit every time she gets an opportunity to hold the mic. People must focus on Rita (Rita Makarau, the Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) because as we all put our focus on the Lacoste and G40 fight I suspect Rita is busy helping the regime to steal the coming 2018 polls as usual whilst they try to divert our attention with their cheap intra party fights just like the Baba Jukwa debacle of 2013.

Rita Makarau
Rita Makarau

If Zanu PF is being torn apart by the internal fights over the succession issue ‘regai dzitungane dzomudanga’ that has nothing to do with the pro-democracy movement let them deal with their burning house. People are over rating Grace Mugabe giving her unnecessary attention whereas the most important person who deserves all our eyes and attention (this reminds me of Tupac’s All Eyes On Me) is Rita Makarau the Head of ZEC because whatever she is doing and brewing behind scenes is critical and very important as it determines whether the coming polls will be free and fair or not.

The internal fights within ZANU PF that’s their own baby to feed and none of our business and there is nothing for the opposition to celebrate as this does not guarantee them victory either. After following the Chiwundura by-election recently I realized that the rigging machination in this  country is very serious and well advanced that having a free poll on this land is still a long way to go.

The pro-democracy movement must put all it’s energy on demanding an even ground in 2018 and before allowing yourselves to have your attention diverted by the Lacoste and G40 tug of war ask yourselves the following questions;

Is Zimbabwe ready for a free and fair poll in the coming 2018?

Why is ZEC delaying BVR as if it does not have political will to implement it?

Even if BVR is done does that guarantee us a free poll is the data not gonna be tempered with or used to intimidate people?

The issue of proof residence on registering to vote is it not gonna disadvantage the youths out there who are the majority of the electorate?

If Mugabe appoints the third Vice President is it going to end in ZANU PF structures or this VP will also be appointed in government burdening taxpayers?

We are now a few months before the polls why is that only ZANU PF is given coverage on the national TV when will they start to give all contesting parties equal media coverage?

There are a lot of critical issues which deserves our attention not Grace’s venom. It’s neither here nor there, let her bark herself out you and I must keep focused on demanding conditions which will enable a free and a fair poll in 2018 which will respect the will of the people of Zimbabwe in 2018. Don’t forget how millions of Zimbabweans were fooled by Baba Jukwa in 2013 and every morning many people (myself included) would wake up and check updates on Baba Jukwa’s page and spend the whole day debating about it yet they were busy stealing elections behind scenes.

To date no one knows how 2013 polls were stolen because we were all busy following Baba Jukwa’s drama. Are were not falling into the same trap this time again following those interface rallies and debating about how Grace spits venom on people like George Charamba who for his whole life used all his brains, bones and marrow to build and defend Robert Mugabe?

Once again let me repeat myself, that’s their own baby to feed and let them (ZANU PF) deal with their burning house, that’s none of my business. But all our eyes must be on Rita she deserves our attention more than Grace. Food for thought.

Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo, Snr is a human rights defender and democracy activist based in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe. He writes in his personal capacity and he is reachable on his Whatsapp +32485850059