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Miss World title: No chance in hell for Zim

By Mtandazo Dube

Zimbabweans love beauty pageants.It does not matter whether they are in the country or are based abroad, when it comes to modelling just like politics, they want in, they want to add their voices.

Miss World Zim Chiedza Lorraine Mhosva
Miss World Zim Chiedza Lorraine Mhosva

Whether the pageant is taking place in a dingy bar, a 5000-seater auditorium or a farm several kilometres from the nearest city – they will always be people there.

That was the case when Chiedza Mhosva was crowned Miss World Zimbabwe at an extravagantly put together event last weekend.

Of course, Mrs Marry Chiwenga and her team made sure that the event was exclusive but beamed live to Zimbabweans whose hearts longed to be part of the dandy affair but their pockets would not allow. Apart from journalists covering the event, servers, entertainers and part of the security team – everyone else was elite.

For how could anyone else afford the US$300 entry fee? Even if one could afford the asking price, their wardrobe would still needed to be on point, bowtie and all, otherwise, they still would not enter the venue.

Nonetheless, Zimbabweans turned to ZTV and for those out of the country or without access to the local broadcaster, they resorted to Facebook Live. Millions watched the event.

And many modelling enthusiasts were left wondering if at all organisers are serious about the competition, that is, Zimbabwe being well-represented at the 2017 Miss World finals to be held in China on November 18.

I am not talking about the beauty or lack thereof of the winner(s), I am talking about the shutting out of potential contestants among Zimbabweans living abroad, particularly Canada, USA and the UK among many others.

Miss Zimbabwe-USA actually came all the way from the United States of America to no avail. Miss Zimbabwe-UK had to cancel her trip after realising that she would not be allowed to take part.

My question is; why would Miss Zimbabwe Trust bar from contesting, people that were likely to add value to this event? For instance, Miss Zimbabwe-USA lives in a country where modelling is big business, surely she has a different kind of exposure that gives this country a better chance on the world stage.

Do the contestants know all the categories that they have to take part in at Miss World? Multimedia, Sports, Talent, Beauty with a Purpose, Top Model and the on-and-off Beach Beauty.

How much of the aforementioned do those judges that were used that night know? What do they know about modelling? Why does the Miss World Zimbabwe not utilise some of the models that have represented Zimbabwe well at various world pageants before to help these young girls prepare better and ultimately fare better on the world stage?

Even the last Miss World Zimbabwe, Anne Grace Mutambu (2015) was nowhere near the event.

We have models like Vanessa Sibanda and Malaika Mushandu, who have represented Zimbabwe well on the world stage in recent times; why are we not using them in selecting and even grooming those that seek to do well out there?

To make matters worse – Miss World Zimbabwe is not consistent.

This year it takes place and the next it takes a sabbatical.

Unlike previous years when provincial Miss World Zimbabwe contests were held before the national final to select the queen – this Miss World Zimbabwe appears to be done selectively just as the guests that ultimately grace the event.

As long as things continue to be done this way – there is no chance in hell of Zimbabwe winning the coveted Miss World title or being anywhere near the podium when the winner is crowned. Sunday Mail