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My life was in danger: Rev

By Bornwise Mtonzi

United Methodist Church Reverend Eliot Chikwenjere yesterday maintained he never wanted to kill the man thrown off the bonnet of his moving car when he was allegedly caught with his wife in the Central Business Centre.

Rev Chikwenjere and his wife
Rev Chikwenjere and his wife

Chikwenjere, who is standing accused of attempted murder, told the court during his evidence in-chief that it was the complainant who jumped on to the bonnet of his car before he even started moving.

Chikwenjere told the court that his Christian religion does not allow him to kill so there was no way he ever wanted to kill the complainant as he alleges.

He said he saw David Gwarazimba who appeared from nowhere standing in front of his car shouting that he had caught the man who is cheating with his wife.

“I saw the complainant standing in front of my car shouting that he had finally caught me and his wife and he was going to kill me.

“When he uttered the words, I saw death and in my eyes, a vision of one Oliver Tengwende killing innocent people in the 80s came to me and all I could see was death.

“When I looked at him I saw his face scary like that of a lion.

“Usowake hwaityisa seshumba and before I could do anything, I rushed to close my windows while fearing for my life,” he said.

Chikwenjere left the gallery in stitches when he jumped on the witness stand clinging on top of it while demonstrating how Gwarazimba was clinging on top of his car bonnet.

“The complainant jumped onto the bonnet before I could do anything leading to his wife screaming and advising me to drive.

“My sixth sense told me that I was in danger leading me to start the car and drove while he was on the bonnet.

“I was driving between 5 and 10 kilometers per hour hoping that he would get down but he never did.

He added: “When I was driving along Kaguvi Street I stopped giving him time to get off from the car but he then stood up and kicked the windscreen of the car.

“Fearing for my life I then took off again but he continued striking”.

Chikwenjere told the court that during all the time the incident was happening, his mind was telling him to go to Milton Park Police Station. He also told the court that all the time Gwarazimba was holding on the bonnet of the car he was praying to God that he did not disembark.

Chikwenjere also told the court that wherever he stopped he hoped people would come to assist but no one did.

“If the court was there, it would understand the danger I was in on that day.”

He added that he was only relieved when he stopped at the intersection of Hebert Chitepo and Rekai Tangwena after the complainant had fallen.

Instead of calling the ambulance he said he decided to call his lawyer to come to where he was so that they could go to report the matter at Milton Police Station.

Regional magistrate Temba Kuwanda presided over the case while Vallery appeared for the State. H-Metro