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Mberengwa villagers rubbish Nkosana Moyo presidential bid

Some villagers in this impoverished district feel that the decision by Nkosana Moyo to launch his political outfit called the Alliance for People’s Agenda (APA) at a multi-star rated hotel in Harare was a sure sign that the former Industry and International Trade minister was detached from reality.

Nkosana Moyo
Nkosana Moyo

Speaking to TellZim News, the villagers said Moyo would stand a better chance of making it in the country’s rugged political landscape if he had launched his party among the ordinary people in his own district.

“He has alienated himself from the ordinary people; the choice of the venue was unwise. How can you claim that you are launching a pro-poor organisation when you are surrounded by opulence?” queried one villager who preferred not to be identified.

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Another villager said Moyo had shown that he did not identify with the conditions of the very people he purports to represent.

“He launched his party far away from us yet he expects us to support him. He speaks high sounding language just like all the other politicians we have. How different is he from the people we already have in high places? He has been out of the country for too long so he has lost touch,” said he villager.

Dr Moyo launched APA and announced his plans to contest the country’s presidency in 2018 at the glamorous Meikles Hotel in Harare on June 29 but many people have written off his chances of success, with others going to as far as labelling him a Zanu PF project.

He has however denied the speculations, claiming that his political party was genuine and was committed to reversing the economic problems that have for long bedevilled the country under Zanu PF rule. Radio VOP