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ZANU PF roadblocks lie raises questions

By Jacob Mafume

On the 19th of June 2017, the Minister of Home Affairs Ignatius Chombo together with his Deputy Obedingwa Mguni told parliament that they were going to reduce ordinary roadblocks to just four per province in a week’s time.

File picture of police roadblock in Zimbabwe
File picture of police roadblock in Zimbabwe

Parliament and the ordinary masses applauded these two gentlemen for finally bringing an end to the attempt by others to turn Zimbabwe into a Police State.

Those who know ZANUPF treated this announcement with a pinch of salt, knowing that ZANUPF is full of pretenders who pretend to be angels during the day but collude with murderers during the night, who then dig the people they pretend to bring blessings six feet under.

The People’s Democratic Party was no different, we are aware of the fact that no kind of salvation will come from ZANUPF. Believing that ZANUPF can solve the problems they create is like hoping for a mosquito to start treating malaria.

We however want to make the point that the failure to implement the announcement by the two ZANUPF Ministers that roadblocks will be reduced simply exposes the discord in ZANUPF which unfortunately conflates with the State. It is clear that the two gentlemen are not in charge, the nation must stop calling them Honourable for they deserve what they are, “horrible”.

In our dossier to SADC in 2014 we raised the point that the centre is no longer holding in ZANUPF as a result the people of Zimbabwe cannot safely point to the persons in charge in any department.

As of today more than six roadblocks are in Willowvale, at that rate police traffic stops would be in excess of 60 in the Metropolitan Province contrary to the populist announcement by two people who could not tell public representatives that they are not in charge at all.

The People’s Democratic Party is also concerned by the fact that even the President proves to be powerless as far as roadblocks are concerned, from his public expressions it seems he Mugabe falls into the category of powerless civilian authorities who are bowing to pressure therefore demanding that roadblocks must be reduced.

If the executive is unable to make effective orders it simply means they have lost the capacity to run government, the only right step to take is to resign.

A parliamentary inquiry must be initiated, to determine whether the two ZANUPF Ministers deliberately misled Parliament or the police are disregarding policy interventions from the executive.

As a party we are concerned with the idea of having many governments in one. The issue of the police roadblocks is one in many episodes raising many questions than answers.
Many other contradictions in government include distortions on Command Agriculture, Statutory Instrument 64 and more importantly the Indigenisation Act.

While these other contradictions are equally concerning in that they send wrong signals with implications to the Zimbabwean economy, the one on roadblocks is disturbing in that it gives a picture of a service which disregards civilian authority.

The Zimbabwean people must take the next election as an opportunity to deal with this problem decisively once and for all.

Together Another Zimbabwe is Possible
Jacob Mafume
PDP Spokesperson