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Girl in Satanism scare

By Arron Nyamayaro

A 17-year-old girl, who scalded her mother with water before she later died in hospital, confessed before a church congregation that she was into Satanism.

Zvikomborero has since dropped out of school after she was initiated into Satanism by one of her colleagues, at least according to her confession before House of Grace Ministries church service.

“I was forced to join Satanism by one of my friends in boarding school.

“I felt possessed by the spirit after I ate food she gave me and from that day, I was in my own world,” said Zvikomborero.

“My parents were informed of strange things I was experiencing and they took me but it became worse that I scalded my mother with hot water and the wounds led to her death.

“Most of my relatives rose against me and I left home and had to sleep at market places before I met a lady who took me to Prophet Hungwe.

“He looked after me along with his wife, praying for me, feeding me and counselling me and today we had a meeting with some of my relatives that my future looks bright and I want to continue with my education,” said Zvikomborero.

Zvikomborero’s mother died in March.

In a separate interview with H-Metro after the church service, Prophet Hungwe urged parents to visit their children at schools.

“We managed to deliver that lady and I believe all is well with her now that my meeting with part of her family was successful,” said Prophet Hungwe.

“Children are feeling comfortable in sharing with me challenges they are facing at schools, colleges and in families that I see the need for more counsellors to arrest terrible situations facing young generation.

“Parents must take school visits seriously and be introduced to friends of their children and get an opportunity to pray for them.

“The Holy Spirit is there to convict people and sign of repentance shows that one needs assistance and I have been anointed to help such people and use spiritual eyes to see beyond human eye.

“It is important to know where your children are spending time and with who, doing what because the use of dangerous drugs is rampant and we should arrest this collectively,” said Prophet Hungwe referring to an incident of one who surrendered marijuana in his service. H-Metro