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Polygamy: up close and personal

On Thursday night, Mzansi Magic debuted its new reality show, Uthando Nes’thembu – a show about a Kwa-Zulu Natal man and his polygamous marriage.

Musa Mseleku and his 4 wives. Picture: Twitter

Musa Mseleku, 43, let thousands of viewers into his home(s), where he stays with his four wives and 10 children.

Mseleku said he chose polygamy because he would like to have 20 children.

His wives described Mseleku as a very loving, humble and respectful man who provides for his family and indeed he provides for them.

Although there was no mention of what the he does for a living, one thing’s for sure, the man is rolling in dough.

All of his wives live in their own separate luxury home and each has two posh cars. Mseleku said none of them have to worry about diesel or petrol or mechanical issues as the family has an in-house mechanic. Talk about good life problems!

The children have their own designated driver to take them to school and wherever else they want to go. In the episode, one of Mseleku’s sons called the driver to bring one of the SUV’s around so they could go for ice cream.

Mseleku admitted that polygamy was not easy but said money made things alot easier as it enables him to afford to take good care of his family.

Though he did not reveal the exact number, Mseleku said he has more than 15 cars and all of them have personalised plates written: Thanxma.

This is in honour of his mother who passed on after a long illness.

In a moving speech to his two sons, Mseleku explained how, as a young man he took care of his ailing mother; bathing, dressing and feeding her until her final moments. He said his mother told him he would never be poor in life and she was right.

Twitter detectives found out that amongst other things that Mseleku is an author. IOL