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Mysterious fire burns Good Samaritans’ property

A good deed has cost a family from Mlomoliwoto Village in Umzingwane district.

Their property mysteriously got burnt after trying to help their neighbours who were being tormented by a ‘mysterious’ fire.

The neighbours reportedly gave permission to the Malunga family to bring all their remaining property to their homestead, but unfortunately the suspected goblin ‘jumped’ and burnt that property including theirs. Little did the neighbours know that by taking Malunga’s remaining property they were inviting trouble for themselves.

“The Malunga family has been tormented by the fire for more than a month. At first, it only burnt property in the house and things were only safe when they were outside.

“Prophets from The Apostolic Church of God and Universe then conducted their prayers and discovered a horn with sparks in a vase said to be responsible for the fire.

“After destroying it, it became worse as the mysterious fire was destroying all the property in and outside the house. That is the time when the Ndlovu family decided to help by permitting the Malunga family to bring the few remaining things to their homestead,” said one villager Amon Moyo.

It is reported that the Ndlovu family has never had peace since the day they allowed the property into their homestead.

“The mysterious fire first burnt all the Malunga property and then spread to theirs,” he said.

Village head Diana Moyo confirmed the reports saying the incident was shocking.

“The Malunga family has been trying to seek help, but to no avail. The bad thing is that the fire is now even torturing neighbours who were trying to help,” she said. B-Metro