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Another Zimbo joins Joyous Celebration

Multi award-winning gospel outfit, Joyous Celebration has recruited yet another Zimbabwean, this time though an instrumentalist and not a vocalist.

Frank Mavhimira

Sweet toned, lead guitarist, Frank Mavhimira is the latest local addition to Joyous Celebration, joining vocalists; Takesure Zamar Ncube, Eric Moyo and Mkhululi Bhebhe.

But how did Mavhimira manage to get an opportunity to play for such a renowned outfit considering South Africa is endowed with a plethora of amazing musicians?

“As many know, Joyous Celebration went to record their 21st live DVD at the Potters house in December last year and it is after the recording that I received a call from my brother Takesure Zamar asking me if I was interested to join the choir as he had put out a good word for me.

“Honestly, it came as a shocker to me as I never expected such an offer,”said Mavhimira.

“Days later, he called again telling me I was being expected in Johannesburg that same week to do overdubs for some songs they recorded in Dallas.

“So l went to Johannesburg that following weekend to the sessions and met one of the directors, Lindelani Mkhize who was impressed with my work and asked me to join the team if I was interested. The rest is history.”

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Mavhimira who has already started touring nations with Joyous says the experience with the team has been phenomenal.

“It’s been a great and overwhelming experience so far, having to learn a lot of new songs since I joined the team at the beginning of the Joyous Celebration 21 tour. But above all, I’m enjoying every moment as I’m taking it as a learning curve of my career,” he said.

Asked to highlight the significant differences between Joyous and local bands he said: “The one thing I noticed which really separates them is their level of professionalism, how much they pay attention to detail, be it the musical presentation, innovative stage set up and they don’t compromise on the equipment they use onstage which is something our local groups can emulate.

“Basically, Joyous Celebration is comprised of talented gospel artists from different countries within Southern Africa which gives them diversity, stability and a bigger fan base.”

Mavhimira started music professionally in 2008, playing for jazz artist, Rute Mbangwa.

“As I matured, I became a household name in the local industry working and recording with different artists such as Prudence Katomeni Mbofana, Hope Masike, Takesure Zamar, Pastor Gee and Alexio Kawara.

“During these formative years of my career, I’ve travelled to different countries such as Algeria, Denmark, Uganda, and the rest of Southern Africa,” recalls Mavhimira.

Recently, the musician formed a jazz outfit with his friends which they named ‘Solid Steps’.

They are currently working on their debut album. The Chronicle