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PDP disturbed by Grace’s unrepentant behaviour in Manzou

By Jacob Mafume

The People’s Democratic Party is concerned about the continued use of state apparatus to violate the rights of citizens in Manzou village of Mazowe.

Jacob Mafume
Jacob Mafume

The first lady from hell continues to use repressive state apparatus to drive away people who occupy land in Manzou, violating both their rights and the law.

We are concerned that the Army has also been used to violate the same people they are employed and pledge to protect. The system itself has proved impotent by allowing one person to hold the law of the land at ransom the way Grace continues to do.

The Human Rights Commission’s bid to open an investigation was also frustrated in violation of the constitution which stipulates that the commission must do its work independently with no interference from any individual, including senior members of the state.

Shockingly,the individuals who purport to represent the people of Mazowe have decided to go under the table while crimes against humanity are being committed by a gold smith’s daughter who burns everything in her way like the fires of the forges.

The PDP also finds the sentiments from the Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs minister Martin Dinha quiet appalling. He has just but demonstrated that he is the “chairman of fools.”

Even as a fool he must know that his primary role as he purports, must be to represent the people and protect them not hide behind investments. He should also know that investment is meant to improve the economy with the sole purpose of improving the lives of the citizens.

The role of the state is to provide leadership which ensures people live long, live health and live happy. So far many lives have been shortened because pregnant women and children have many a night slept in the open exposed to the unrelenting rains and now to the chill winter temperatures.

To further demonstrate his ignorance, in his rant to the Newsday Dinha seems to think that his role is to protect the first family from abuse by the media and the citizens when the opposite is true.

The PDP is of the view that any future democratic government must set a judiciary inquiry into these violations in the first 100 days of their taking over power. Any individual who will be found on the wrong either by being complicit or by association in aiding and abating these heinous acts must be brought to book.

We restate that the people of Zimbabwe must in the future protect themselves from abuse by electing leaders with the people at heart.

Our party also stated before as we do now that there is need to strengthen national institutions including law enforcement, the Judiciary, Prosecutor General’s office and the Human Rights Commission.

As long as these institutions continue to be captured by the ZANUPF cabal the people of Zimbabwe will continue to live in fear and danger of violation by the powerful elite as is the case in Manzou.

Together Another Zimbabwe is Possible
Jacob Mafume
PDP Spokesperson