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Daisy Mtukudzi’s moments of shame

By Tawanda Marwizi and Vongai Mbara

Oliver Mtukudzi’s wife Daisy could be far from being a musician following her poor stage conduct at the just ended Harare International Festival of Arts (Hifa).

Daisy and Oliver Mtukudzi on stage
Daisy and Oliver Mtukudzi on stage

Mtukudzi shared the stage with Winky D at ZOL main stage on Friday night. Despite knowing the lyrics of the song ‘Haasi Masanga’, she was off key. The song is their first collaboration since they got married.

Daisy together with her husband ignored the crowd’s outcry over her voice that could not match the superstar’s.

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As if her off the tune voice was not enough she went on to talk back stage while the microphone was still on.

Her conversation with keyboardist Munya Vhiyali could be heard and her husband looked at her but kept his cool as he played the next song.

Daisy came back to the stage joining Tariro neGitare who served as a backing vocalist on other songs that include ‘Madiro’.

Still Daisy was off tune.

However, the whole crew on stage ignored and continued with their performances.

Music critic David Mudzada said there was need for Daisy to practise before taking to the stage while others said she was not ready for the stage.

“It is good to have her on stage since they have a song together but she needs serious grooming otherwise they might be going in the wrong direction,” Mudzada said.

Another music critic Reward Muchini believes the superstar needed some time before introducing Daisy on stage.

“Studio is different from stage because in the studio the voice can be tuned to make it sound better but on stage you will be using your raw voice.

“He should groom her first before any other moves,” he said.

Mtukudzi’s manager Sam Mataure said he could not comment on such issues.

“Those are not stories. I will call you if there are real stories at Pakare Paye and you will come and talk to Mtukudzi. You should just leave some of these stories,” he said.

Pressed to comment further, the seasoned drummer told the reporter to go ahead and write what he wanted.

“You should just leave these stories but if you want to write about it then go ahead and write what you want,” he said. The Herald